Frustrated Over Flawed Field Experiences?

40% of the time is under-utilized by field workers on non-value-added activities. It’s time to equip and optimize resources to ensure that customer needs are met with incredible experiences. Unless designers and developers spend time with the field force, everything that happens in the field or last mile is an educated guess. Last mile innovation happens on the field. Nothing substitutes first-hand knowledge, contextual insights, or relationships built on the front line. Strengthening the relationship between employees, sales representatives, and supervisors aids in building a solid understanding. Field innovation for the last mile is fueled by sharing insights broadly and settling product-design debates in an organization through empathy.

Kimeka provides intuitive field and last mile innovation experiences backed by cutting-edge technology to enable enhanced productivity and improved quality.

What does “Digital Experiences for the Field” Mean in Today’s Time and Age?

The effort in enhancing the digital experience quotient is no longer about pursuing digital projects in silos. It is about reimagining, redesigning and re-engineering to focus holistically and dynamically. Often, companies introduce digital platforms and untested tools or support their field workforce without understanding due considerations on the real impact it produces. The endless experimentation of incomplete solutions burdens the average field user to bitter indignation and discontentment.

Simply, the trick is knowing that the experienced fieldworker has already found a way – by innovating on the go, automating out of necessity. Kimeka identifies the hidden opportunity by adopting inclusivity. Here we postulate some of our experiences to create unmatched digital experiences for the field workforce, end-users and customers.

With the upsurge of advanced devices and their intricate connections, managing data is no longer simple. Connecting complex applications and comprehensive architectures to collect data has become the need of the hour. This gives rise to the Internet of Things (IOT) and Industrial IOT Apps. These concepts drive functional efficiencies with capabilities such as automation, integration, and analytics.

User-Centricity and Customer-Centricity

Digital interactions are the norm of leading domains such as banking, healthcare, insurance, e-commerce, etc. The world today is influenced by dynamically changing customer expectations. Enterprises in these sectors need to innovate in their operating models inside-out and outside-in heavily. Even electronically age-old methods are being fast replaced with the customer and user-centric strategies impacting experience levels, efficiencies, speed, convenience and bottom line. Organizations that primarily deal with a wide range of complex physical assets with a workforce operating out of the field (normal and high-risk environments) face irrefutable and irreplaceable dependencies.

They need:

  • Consistent delivery of predictable and optimized productivity
  • Management of multi-varied engagement, process and transactional touchpoints
  • Service offerings with speed, reliability and utmost care

Our team of experts are scaling new possibilities to keep the wheel of consistency utilitarian and value-add spinning round-the-clock. On a constant mission to reimagine ways to build and release solutions through engaging field experiences, we enable the ebb and flow of data, processing through journeys. We also reimagine ways to create and release solutions to ensure easy adoption for last mile transformation.

Attention to Detail while Planning

Managing the workforce, tracking tasks, and monitoring resources could be quite challenging when done through telephone calls, SMS, emails or even tedious web applications. The ominous challenge for businesses is a disconnected field force operating at the centre of an organization.

By coupling design thinking and digital experience, we can achieve a comprehensive organizational and cultural transformation. We develop solutions for field workers and enable digitalization in field force operations to ensure faster planning, scheduling, and tracking.

  • Avoid endless experimentation of incomplete solutions by understanding the real impact
  • Reimagine, redesign and re-engineer to focus holistically and dynamically
  • Innovate, automate, and couple design with experience to ensure more significant digital transformations
  • Create unmatched digital experiences for the laast mile, field workforce and end-users through simple UX to UI

Psychology and Emotional Empathy

Our experts understand the challenges of transforming an ageing workforce system into a redefined accessible digital workspace. We psychologically appreciate the difficulties faced by CEOs and CXOs in ensuring easy tracking of movement, allocating work, managing resources, measuring performance, analyzing data and interpreting logistics. We resonate with pain points and develop solutions that overcome these obstacles.

Pave the way for streamlined interaction through Kimeka’s offerings. We use a design process to ask questions about needs and find opportunities to invent. We liaise with end-users and businesses and then design solutions customized to address pressing issues faced in the workforce. By closely observing and connecting the dots, coupling design with experience, Kimeka’s business-specific approach creates win-win solutions in complex environments.

They include:

  • Inclusivity of the field workforce integral to the design process
  • Focusing on objectives, methodology, experience and outcomes to map out use cases
  • Design with a user-centric and customer-centric approach
  • Balance on value creation supported by internal customer champions and the end customer itself.

Mobile First and IOT First Approach

Smartphones, mobile devices and smaller electronics to penetrate tight spots.

Some work environments cannot be penetrated by computers or managed with paperwork. We resonate with the challenges faced by businesses in such situations, as capturing data, monitoring processes, enabling security, and tracking resources are cumbersome.

At Kimeka, our experts are on the prowl to find ways to help you capture data in the field regardless of how impenetrable it is through means of geo sensing and IOT. Our practices enable businesses to capture data in the area and ensure that they are moving on schedule. We implement a mobile-first design approach that paves the way for faster processing.

With increasing resistance due to pushing solutions onto the field force, our experts improvise the solutions and reduce the need for complex adoption and change management. We bridge the gap for organizations that lack tools to capture, track, and monitor employees’ work and design experiences through a mobile-first or IOT-first approach.

Simple, Seamless & Sensible Operations

Not all employees are well versed in handling technology. Being mindful, we design simple interfaces for users that ensure easy navigation, updating, and tracking.

Manage and track operations
Our digital experts devise customized experiences that help conduct, manage and track field operations with ease.

Harness data smartly
Kimeka provides an intelligent way to collect and harness the data for better understanding and processing.

Simplify operations with speed
We positively impact efficiency, provide speed, and improve productivity with fast yet straightforward operation.

Why Kimeka?

At Kimeka, we work through an immersive approach and observation. We help organizations across all industries to design new ways of working and make the most of digital channels.

We treat the field force as the end-user and focus on uncovering the similarities between the processes. Our experts help businesses simplify portfolios, speed up releases, and broaden the impact of solutions. We design and develop a seamless UI through a simplistic approach.

Kimeka’s unique approach helps businesses achieve a digital transformation through loyalty and transparency.

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