The average person uses at least 36 cloud-based services each day. Don’t miss out on the right opportunity to stay relevant and future-ready on the cloud always.

We implement and deliver managed cloud operations and services that help your business achieve sustained acceleration and flexible innovation. Kimeka streamlines critical IT processes and simplifies the management of key business applications to create significant value, deliver great experiences and discover new ways to connect with end-users on the cloud.

Delivering Customer-Centric Cloud Experiences

Most leading, diverse business services in the world are already cloud-driven. Whether your business is just getting started with cloud adoption or newly transforming to the cloud, we help you build sustained capabilities to deliver meaningful experiences and profound value across your business service chain. Kimeka enables cloud automation, driven by adopting the latest tools combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning relevant to areas of your business.

Delivering Innovation Through Seven Areas of the Cloud

We understand that managing cloud IT infrastructure costs for businesses are expensive. Business budget centres are grappling to find new ways to predictively estimate and determine the costs involved in accurately operating services on the cloud. Being mindful of the cloud challenges, we keep our eye on strategic business initiatives and streamline your processes by freeing up resources to design, build and manage cloud solutions through multiple hybrid models. With Kimeka, your business can increase utilization and reduce the costs of cloud resources.

Service Management
Discover and experience automated monitoring of your cloud services, transition management, change management, incident management with around-the-clock certified professionals.

Infrastructure Management
Adhere to well-defined customized service levels that are highly appropriate to your business.

Application management services
We monitor and administer your mission-critical business applications for performance, maintenance, operational support, and security.

Automation and DevOps
We are automating and deploying full-stack solutions, engineering micro-services through dynamic automation tools and frameworks. CloudOps amalgamates the processes involved with DevOps and IT operations to support complex cloud infrastructure.

Cyber Security
Ensure speedy, safe and assured monitoring, configuration, deployment and implementation of security processes and policies to enable full-cycle security operations.

Risk and Compliance
Standardized and dynamic assessment, audit, automation, implementation, and ensure continuous improvement for a robust compliance & risk management framework.

Optimization and transparency
Obtain a centralized view into the cloud landscape and data on performance, usage, and consumption to optimize, expand and improve your service footprints.

You Drive Business, We Deliver Experiences

We understand operations, markets, and resources through our experience, expertise and excellence. We adhere to an integrated, innovative approach that supports hyper-scale cloud providers including Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and SAP HANA Cloud to bring world-class solutions. Our business-tailored solutions help diverse industries build swift, secure and predictable cloud outcomes.

Kimeka helps you capture the transformative value of the cloud through turnkey solutions that ensure agility, rapid deployment, and scalability. Our practices enable your business to accelerate across single, multiple, and hybrid cloud deployments. Our team of cloud professionals help you build, manage, and execute a comprehensive and flexible cloud strategy that makes your cloud vision a genuine and practical reality.

How Can We Help Your Business Deliver Seamless Cloud Experiences?

We know what it takes to deliver mission-critical business solutions on the cloud. You can trust our expert team of certified cloud architects and professionals to engage with you carefully, assess and determine the right design and solution methodology to deliver on your cloud users.

We help businesses gain the insights to anticipate and capitalize on market movements. Our cloud experts provide comprehensive and straightforward solutions amalgamated with the right technology, tools and best practices using Kimeka’s Grana Service Delivery Framework.

Our forte is in providing a highly inclusive approach, advocating the need and adoption of the right automation and self-service capabilities. Our solutions are focused whilst taking a pragmatic approach. By choosing the right processes, methodologies, innovation and tools, we ensure that the actual business needs and goals are adequately met within budgets. We also ensure uncompromising security, factored for predictable scale and enhanced agility resulting in a seamless and granular service experience for your customers and end-users.

Kimeka’s Grana Service Delivery Framework granularly focuses on designing, implementing, managing and continuously operating on the cloud with relative ease and security.

Design: Customized design of industry-specific cloud solutions to meet the end-user needs and business requirements

Implement: Deployment and configuration of services across the cloud IT operations & environments chain through automation and runbook templates.

Manage: Continuous integration and deployment of planned and on-demand dynamic service delivery

Operate: Leverage round the clock operations monitoring, security and service levels on the cloud

Why Kimeka?

Delivering business services on the cloud is vastly convenient to one and all. However, cloud operations can be expensive. With unpredictable technology shelf life, a trusted technology service provider must factor in multiple considerations for the combined benefit of its customers and self.

Kimeka has shifted away from complex thinking to provide simple, practical, well managed, cross-functional and upscale capabilities. The focus is on our customers’ end objectives, substantiated by understanding the need. A highly granularized approach is taken, in addition to adopting proper resources and the correct practices to ensure the critical path to success.

We deliver experiences and technology as tools that need to be rightly used to create unique solutions, much like works of art, very carefully and passionately crafted. Cloud is the backbone of service and end-user experiences.

We build, extend, integrate, manage, and preserve tailored (cloud) experiences via Managed Cloud 360 services. The goal is to help businesses retain their authentic, innovative and dynamic complexion always.

  • Providing dynamic, ongoing managed cloud operations and continuous support from strategy to deployment
  • Enhancing compliance and security to reduce restructured costs and ensure scalability
  • Freeing up resources and enabling your IT staff to work on more strategic initiatives
  • Ensuring growth and shrinkage of workloads through continuous learning and adoption of automated technology and tools

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