Distressed Over Data?

The primary goal of today’s CXOs is to apply the principle of data analytics using AI and ML in every part of their business. In the 21st century, Artificial Intelligence has become an important area of applied research proving its usefulness remarkably in almost every industry and field. Critical sectors such as healthcare, insurance, e-commerce, and financial services are already greatly reshaped by AI and ML. Intelligence derived from the power of harnessing data through programming and computing arrays of AI has hugely grown, creating a remarkable impact on business, individuals, governments, and societies.

Kimeka helps businesses harness data – Structured and Unstructured to build powerful strategies using AI and ML.

How can Artificial Intelligence Help Your Business?

AI provides the intelligence quotient to your existing applications and underlying systems. It enables the automation of insight, and ML automates any repeatable steps, tasks and processes. AI has the power to recognize images, comprehend & interpret data and understand speech. With advanced cognitive abilities, AI responds, formulates, predicts and directs your future vision.

AI/ML data experiences entail technologies that epitomize the phrase “The Future is here”. How does that resonate with customers? Immersive technologies in cognitive computing, and conversational computing help create a persona around intangible experiences. These technologies integrate information systems and human intellect to fuel intelligent interactions. On the other hand, umbrella platforms for centralizing data, atomic content and data models help streamline and standardize the information integration process.

The Influence of Data

AI influences larger trends in economic emergence and global sustainability. When applied meticulously, ethically and tactfully, businesses can overcome critical problems for a wide range of industries and domains.

However, the question for organizations that have not yet found their path with data is how data can influence their decisions and growth. With the ever-increasing volume of data circulating in real-time and historically, businesses need scientific and technological expertise to identify with data to unearth many true potentials continuously. Data comes from many directions, formats, styles with several complexities and limitations. It requires special expertise and time to prepare and work with data suitable for the application of AI and ML.

To realize the actual value of data with the power of AI, organizations need to channelize, streamline and process data with augmenting relevancies. At Kimeka, we implement technology that renews data into insights and help businesses perform operations quickly and achieve goals more efficiently.

Harness the Power of Data Through AI

Mastering AI depends on modernizing the data, which starts with a strong data foundation. Data forms the basis of AI, laying the foundation of the future. Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Image Processing and Data Mining (essential subfields of AI) provide a starting and specializing point for harnessing data towards interpreting data and integrating it with knowledge. Thereby, suggesting paths for valuable discoveries and insights previously unknown or unthought of.

Predictive Analytics
Anticipate and predict transformation disciplines that change the course of the future through AI

Diverse Possibilities
Prompting new queries, investigations, and other possibilities of interest and impact

Emerging Patterns
Collect, structure, prepare and process data carefully devised to observe emerging patterns and predictive insights.

Informed Decisions
AI-driven algorithms process huge volumes of data in fractions of time to provide meaningful business-based insights and help take better, evidence-based strategic choices.

Faster Decision-making by Embracing Data

Decision making involving expansion to new geographies and introducing products, consumer behavior, spend analysis, brand sentiments, and feedback study are just a few examples of data-driven decisions. Traditionally, these decisions are made with the help of collected data using complicated spreadsheets and multiple uncorrelated reports. Much time and effort are spent in crunching the numbers and zeroing in on a viable decision.

With AI, algorithms running data models and simulations have emerged in efficient ways. This helps process vast volumes of data and derive informed decisions for enhanced business growth. AI-based solutions are empowering businesses with prescriptive and predictive insights to enable faster and better data-driven decision making.

Reinvent decision-making and drive improved business outcomes AI-powered. Kimeka delivers data-driven AI/ML-based solutions for your business.

Kimeka’s Solutions

Data is a reservoir of insights. Businesses must invest diligently to mine the data and unearth its true potential. It contributes to the ultimate business transformation.

At Kimeka, our professionals are highly experienced in implementing data-driven AI and ML solutions across multiple domains. We follow simple and proven methodologies in the field of imagination engineering through our expertise in innovative technologies, databases, tools and algorithms to build machine-intelligent or autonomous solutions.

Data analysis
Analytical solutions that convert mere data into strategic and useful information

Data operations and management
Leverage modern platforms and establish a strong data foundation through AI and ML

Data insights
Create value through insightful data, actions, and AI solutions

Data modernization
Achieve a unified data marketplace by transforming your data ecosystem

Why Kimeka?

Kimeka delivers great experiences by paying attention to detail. We leverage the power of AI and ML to ensure faster data-driven decisions with our logical and technological best practices. Our experts focus on transforming a high data-intense environment into an insightful information and knoweldge centric climate that helps businesses achieve their goals with ease. We interpret, harness, and integrate data through cutting-edge technology tailored to help your business scale newer heights. Kimeka works with your team to identify the most impeccable ways to explore the potential of data using technology to drive greater business value.

Build intelligent ways to use data and to grow your business with Kimeka.

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Build intelligent ways to use data, to grow your business with Kimeka