Why Focus on the Experience?

In the world we live today, most users interact and communicate through digital mediums to fulfil daily fundamental needs. Whether ordering a coffee or catching a cab, enterprises interrelate with their customers and preferred brands through digital applications. Have you paused to think and consider how your enterprise can enrich the experience-nuances with customers in a constantly changing digital world?

Kimeka is a specialist digital & last mile customer experiences solution company. By taking a holistic approach to solving digital problems, we amalgamate - business need, research, behavioral psychology, emotional feedback, translating features, simple functional workflows, practical technologies, human skills, investments and returns into the digital solutions and product design.

Despite common needs resonating self-similarities, we have learnt from our experience that each digital product comes with varying degrees of fine expectations and overtones. Therefore, we strongly believe we must apply unified design thinking to craft tailor-made, world-class digital solutions and experiences for our customers and end-users.

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What does Kimeka have in store for you?

Digital Experiences

Transforming and innovating upon routine systems into highly contextualized digital products and solutions that are integrated, modular, cohesive, seamless and secure. Built, tested and implemented through design thinking & engineering – using modern technologies and best practices to work across channels, platforms and delightful customer & last mile journeys.

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Cloud Experiences

Managed Cloud 360 – organizations can now scale operations, reduce risks, drive speed, agility and promote innovation on demand to support changing business needs with far reaching benefits giving access to powerful application services and infrastructure on the cloud that deliver the best experience every time.

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How can Kimeka add value to your business?


In an ever-expanding digital landscape, enterprises are dealing with disrupting proactive customer trends, competitive innovation and saturating markets. Enterprises have no choice other than to be persistent in their efforts and attempts to innovate consistently in delivering unparalleled service to boost revenue acquisition, user engagements, customer satisfaction and cumulative growth.

It is no secret that great customer experiences make a business stand elegantly apart. Kimeka helps enterprises achieve customer success through the application of measured empathy from the end-user point of view. Thereby, understanding practical challenges in finer detail that are critically mapped with experience and end business goals. The Grana service delivery framework is Kimeka’s robust granular methodology. Kimeka designs and delivers personalized digital products and application experiences consistently with Web, Mobile, and IoT on the Cloud.

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Kimeka’s Grana Methodology

Grana is Kimeka’s proprietary user-centric design engineering and delivery methodology that helps granularly – Establish, Build, Govern, and Connect business-technology amalgamations. It is a web and mobility process framework focused on delivering a robust experience in product, data and solution management.


Identifying business functions & touch points within your organization to design unique experiences & deliver delight


Progressively and responsively design, engineer & build digital products and solutions that deliver rich experiences



Microservices, omni-channel, cloud, in-app plugins and extensions, APIs to maximize usability, search, security and reach


Seamlessly connect data between apps & platforms, making digital access simple, intelligent and scalable

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